I am a big fan of NASCAR and earlier this year I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas to see a race, fortunately enough my wife also wanted to go to the sin city to get some work done. The trip overall was amazing, since Las Vegas is practically a playground for us, watching shows, going to casinos, and eating at really great restaurants and buffets. And since both I and wife were getting something we wanted out of the trip, no one had any complaints about going somewhere to do our own thing.


In Las Vegas

vegas-visitWe have been to Las Vegas a few times before, and every time we went we stayed at the Trump International Hotel, since we already felt pretty much at home every time we went. We also bumped into several friends we made during our last trip, I guess they are hooked on the casinos here, and wouldn’t blame them, I feel like every time I visit Vegas the casino we frequent somehow gives me a bit of extra cash to go around and enjoy myself, but you need to remember to quit while you are on top though.

After settling in, we decided to have some dinner as both of our appointments won’t be until the next few days. We enjoyed what the city had to offer and just spent our time relaxing, we felt we deserve it as we have been working really hard these last few months.


Consulting with My Wife’s Surgeons 

Medical office - middle-aged male doctor greeting patient, shaking hands.

The next day my wife had to go to the clinic to talk to her doctors, I decided to come with her to show my support and to keep myself losing money in the casino. I found that Las Vegas breast augmentation doctors are professional and very friendly, and the doctor were even kind enough to give my wife a good discount after finding out that his father and my uncle were close friends. We appreciated the discount and offered to treat him out to dinner as a gesture of friendship, he later brought his wife and we all got to know each other and got along well. In fact we got along so well, that I decided to invite to the NASCAR event with me, which he gladly took.



nascar-raceThere is nothing like NASCAR to start off a good friendship. The race was quite spectacular, unfortunately after a little more than an hour, my new friend had to go due to an urgent call from his clinic.

I enjoyed the whole day seeing the races and watching the whole event, but it would have been more of an awesome event had I had someone to enjoy it with me. But none the less the event was all that I had imagined it to be and I enjoyed the day anyway.


In the end

The trip overall was great, I got to watch the race, my wife was able to get work done on her, and we made two new wonderful friends that we could visit the next Las Vegas Trip.

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