Have you heard of the sport called net ball? It is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand, it looks like basketball without the backboard, apparently because the sport was based on an early variation of basketball. The game is played similar to basketball with its rectangular court, but at the same time there are a lot of different rules, for example a player can only hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing, and depending on your position you can only be at specific places in the court. It’s not as popular as cricket or rugby, but has a very big following in the country.

The game is considered to be primarily as women’s sports, with men only providing support for the more popular women’s team and competitions. Though it is still enjoyed by both gender and played across the nation. Recently netball has become a semi-professional sport in the country, with competitions like ANZ Championships. Netball has since experience a rise on registered players with 125,500 just in 2006.

With their national team The Silver Ferns also known as The New Zealand National Netball Team, representing the country in international netball. Previously ranking at number one in the world, now at the number two spot in the IFNA World Rankings, the team is the pride of the nation when it comes to the sport of netball. They also play test games annually with countries such as Australia, England, and Jamaica.

Since the 1980’s Netball has been a popular sport in New Zealand with their team reaching international games. With these talented individuals, the growth of the popularity of the sport locally has experienced a steady rise since the early days, currently regional competitions are often seen in television. With the sport being recognized as semi-professional, many are now engaged in the sport with the goals of reaching national competitions and maybe one day playing for the country’s national team, The Silver Ferns.

With a peaceful country like New Zealand, sports like rugby, cricket, and netball has become a popular pass-time and hobby, for what else can someone do in such a beautiful and peaceful place but enjoy a game with their fellow men and women. The opportunities of sports in New Zealand is equal to anyone who pursues it, if they wish to reach the echelons of players in the national or even international level all the need to do is purse it!

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