dubai-buildingsSo I’ve done a lot of things and have experience many fund activities and sports around the world. A few months ago I was able to join in on a triathlon in the Philippines, after having some rest and relaxation in the wonderful islands. I then went to Cambodia and went on a beautiful bike tour, which is something you should at least try once. It was during a night out in Honking that I met a few new friends that invited me to Dubai and experience all the fun the city and the desert surrounding it could offer.

The first thing I saw a brochure for was for sky diving, and since I needed something to pump the adrenaline into my system, I took a slot for the soonest one. It was amazing as the manmade islands were, I believe, made to be enjoyed from the skies, I’ve seen them in pictures before but seeing them with your own to eyes is a whole other experience.

I then got a package for an adventure in the desert, driving 4×4’s, hiking on the dunes and the mountains, and riding a up and down the mountains. All experiences that I’ve done before but felt new and exciting when done in the desert. It was actually a pleasant surprise, as I was skeptical about having fun in the middle of the lifeless desert. The best thing about the desert was camping at night, as the desert sky is just sight that you need to experience once.

Getting back to the city I was excited to do some base jumping, like the ones I saw in videos in YouTube, unfortunately those guys in the video had some sort of special permission for most of their activities so I was not able to do much except enjoy all the good thing in the city, luxuries only found in Dubai. That night I was looking at the marina, and thought to myself that the next day I will try out Yacht Racing.

yacht-racingThe next day, I had my friend made a few phone calls and found us a racing yacht to rent, and since none of us had any real experience in racing yachts we got some lessons. None of which were cheap. But the experience of just riding and learning basic things were amazing. Dubai yacht charter was wonderful, and I would do it again.

My stay in Dubai was a short one, and I didn’t really get to truly immerse myself in the world of yacht racing, so I plan to return maybe next year. But for now, I will enjoy my little adventure around the world while experiencing the sports of different cultures. Maybe if I run it not a place that could continue to train me how to handle boats and yachts for racing I will practice more, so that when I return to the beautiful city of Dubai, I would finally be able to conquer Yacht Racing at the marina.

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