A few months ago I uprooted my life and moved to Bakersfield, the whole trip was delightful though I felt a bit uncertain about moving to a place that I did not know that well, the idea that I had to start life all over again was a bit of a challenge, I never thought that I would ever leave what I came to know as home. But I thought of the things that I might miss out on if I stayed in my little corner of the country, the experiences that might be and the adventures that will be. The first thing that awaited me was a challenge though.

ice-hockey-1734802_640Bakersfield was everything I had hoped it to be, except that the new home I got turned out to had a little, or rather big pest problem, I was warned about it beforehand but I never knew that it would be that bad. I was worried that the home I was supposed to start my new life at was something that wouldn’t last, but the real estate agent who sold the place to me was not cruel, we were able to connect due our mutual fondness of hockey, and aside from the good price he helped me out with a lot of things, including finding a good pest control, it turns out he knew a hockey buddy that could help. Had he not cared and did not help me I wouldn’t have found the right people for the job, not to mention I would have been overcharged, probably.

pest-problem Pest control saved the day, their knowledge of the local area and expertise in handling pest related matters was top notch. I don’t know if they knew the real estate agent, but they gave me a good price, and told me it was their way of welcoming me to Bakersfield, which was great because aside from what little I had in my savings, and what I hope to earn in my new career, I was actually nearing the red in my finances.

I have had pest problems back in my home town, and I had good friends who took care of it for me, but the level of service that I got from my new pest control friends here in Bakersfield, helped me big time. It was like they cared as much as the people I knew from back home, and treated me and my new home well.

This city is my home now, and I have met many friends who helps me with my adjustments, among them are the real estate agent and the guys from npmagreenpro, who did not only do their job well, but were really decent people, we occasionally watch hockey matches whenever we can. You can easily discern people who love their jobs and the people they work with, their goodness goes beyond their professional mandate. And because of these people, I slowly got used to calling this new city, Bakersfield, my new home, and though I still miss my home town, I will now and, presumably, forever feel at home here, all because I met the right realtor and a good pest control company in this city.

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