New Zealand’s Love for the Rugby Union

New Zealand’s Love for the Rugby Union

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rugby playerRugby is a sport that New Zealand and its people love; it is tied to their national identity. Though it is the Unofficial sport of NZ, the hype and attention given to provincial, national, and international games is comparable to the they hype Americans give to American Foot Ball ( I have to say it that way, because football is soccer to  everyone else in the world). New Zealand’s national team the All Blacks, is currently the best in the world, ranking as the top international team and has the best national team record. A side note; the national team preforms a Haka at the start of every international matches, this was later on also practiced by teams like The National Rugby League (Different from the Rugby Union), and a number of the country’s basketball teams.

There are several Competitions in the world of rugby in New Zealand, but the three main Competitions are the following: 

  • Heartland Championship – The amateur league of lower provincial teams, but if you think you can keep up with these guys you are kidding yourself. Though called the amateur league, teams are comprised of really well trained players who could reach the professional league one day soon.
  • Mire 10 Cup – as successor to the National Provincial Championship, it is the league where the semi-professionals play. Both Heartland and Mire, is played mostly during August to November, the winter spring months.
  • Super Rugby – Previously known as Super 6, Super 10, Super 12, and Super 14. It is the international Rugby competition with players from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and the recently added teams of Argentina and Japan.

Men playing rugby

The teams of New Zealand are the following: 

  • All Blacks – The main national team of New Zealand, Currently the top team in the world.
  • Junior All Blacks – Formally known as the New Zealand A, they are the second national team behind the All Blacks. They compete in the Pacific Nations Cup with Australia A, Fiji, Japan, Samoa and Tonga.
  • Maori All Blacks – A team created in 1910 which requires their players to be at least 1/16 Maori Decent. They’ve beaten England, Ireland and the British and Irish Lions.
  • Heartland XV – Is essentially the Heartland All-star Team, as only players who participated in the Heartland Championship are eligible to be drafted.

Other National teams includes: The Black Ferns, Sevens, Under 21s, Under 20s, Under 19s, and The Schoolboys.

New Zealand’s love of rugby has been part of their culture for more than a hundred years, it has allowed them to enjoy the darkest moments like the Great War, and the best moments like the rise of NZ as a great country with the status as the most safest and livable country.

Sports Equipment Storage, What You Need To Do.

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It is no secret that sports equipment including towels and apparels tend to stink up the place after being used for a while. My advice is to keep things incredibly sterile using some sprays and chemicals because you wouldn’t want some animal to live in your locker room and equipment shed. If you don’t have a guy to do the dirty job of cleaning and refuse to do it yourself, I suggest buying antibacterial sprays that kill 99.9% of bacteria, molds, and viruses. Spraying that stuff works pretty well, and will keep your locker room smelling bearable at the very least.

I would also suggest finding a Pest Control Company Chandler  to do some preventive treatment every quarter, if not monthly, to keep anything from making your place into their next den. I have had experience in trying to get rid of small animals, and I believe they could make six seasons and a movie about a guy chasing what was probably a raccoon, I never found out what it was, but it went away after the exterminators came. It might sound fun, but it wasn’t, having vermin as an arch nemesis isn’t something you should have in real life. That thing stole my lunch more times than I ever got it cornered, but he’s bothering someone else now.

New Zealand’s Netball, a Familiar Sport

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Have you heard of the sport called net ball? It is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand, it looks like basketball without the backboard, apparently because the sport was based on an early variation of basketball. The game is played similar to basketball with its rectangular court, but at the same time there are a lot of different rules, for example a player can only hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing, and depending on your position you can only be at specific places in the court. It’s not as popular as cricket or rugby, but has a very big following in the country.

The game is considered to be primarily as women’s sports, with men only providing support for the more popular women’s team and competitions. Though it is still enjoyed by both gender and played across the nation. Recently netball has become a semi-professional sport in the country, with competitions like ANZ Championships. Netball has since experience a rise on registered players with 125,500 just in 2006.

With their national team The Silver Ferns also known as The New Zealand National Netball Team, representing the country in international netball. Previously ranking at number one in the world, now at the number two spot in the IFNA World Rankings, the team is the pride of the nation when it comes to the sport of netball. They also play test games annually with countries such as Australia, England, and Jamaica.

Since the 1980’s Netball has been a popular sport in New Zealand with their team reaching international games. With these talented individuals, the growth of the popularity of the sport locally has experienced a steady rise since the early days, currently regional competitions are often seen in television. With the sport being recognized as semi-professional, many are now engaged in the sport with the goals of reaching national competitions and maybe one day playing for the country’s national team, The Silver Ferns.

With a peaceful country like New Zealand, sports like rugby, cricket, and netball has become a popular pass-time and hobby, for what else can someone do in such a beautiful and peaceful place but enjoy a game with their fellow men and women. The opportunities of sports in New Zealand is equal to anyone who pursues it, if they wish to reach the echelons of players in the national or even international level all the need to do is purse it!

Dealing With Unexpected ‘Friends’ in My New Bakersfield Residence

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A few months ago I uprooted my life and moved to Bakersfield, the whole trip was delightful though I felt a bit uncertain about moving to a place that I did not know that well, the idea that I had to start life all over again was a bit of a challenge, I never thought that I would ever leave what I came to know as home. But I thought of the things that I might miss out on if I stayed in my little corner of the country, the experiences that might be and the adventures that will be. The first thing that awaited me was a challenge though.

ice-hockey-1734802_640Bakersfield was everything I had hoped it to be, except that the new home I got turned out to had a little, or rather big pest problem, I was warned about it beforehand but I never knew that it would be that bad. I was worried that the home I was supposed to start my new life at was something that wouldn’t last, but the real estate agent who sold the place to me was not cruel, we were able to connect due our mutual fondness of hockey, and aside from the good price he helped me out with a lot of things, including finding a good pest control, it turns out he knew a hockey buddy that could help. Had he not cared and did not help me I wouldn’t have found the right people for the job, not to mention I would have been overcharged, probably.

pest-problem Pest control saved the day, their knowledge of the local area and expertise in handling pest related matters was top notch. I don’t know if they knew the real estate agent, but they gave me a good price, and told me it was their way of welcoming me to Bakersfield, which was great because aside from what little I had in my savings, and what I hope to earn in my new career, I was actually nearing the red in my finances.

I have had pest problems back in my home town, and I had good friends who took care of it for me, but the level of service that I got from my new pest control friends here in Bakersfield, helped me big time. It was like they cared as much as the people I knew from back home, and treated me and my new home well.

This city is my home now, and I have met many friends who helps me with my adjustments, among them are the real estate agent and the guys from npmagreenpro, who did not only do their job well, but were really decent people, we occasionally watch hockey matches whenever we can. You can easily discern people who love their jobs and the people they work with, their goodness goes beyond their professional mandate. And because of these people, I slowly got used to calling this new city, Bakersfield, my new home, and though I still miss my home town, I will now and, presumably, forever feel at home here, all because I met the right realtor and a good pest control company in this city.

Visiting Las Vegas For NASCAR and My Wife’s Breast Surgery

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I am a big fan of NASCAR and earlier this year I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas to see a race, fortunately enough my wife also wanted to go to the sin city to get some work done. The trip overall was amazing, since Las Vegas is practically a playground for us, watching shows, going to casinos, and eating at really great restaurants and buffets. And since both I and wife were getting something we wanted out of the trip, no one had any complaints about going somewhere to do our own thing.


In Las Vegas

vegas-visitWe have been to Las Vegas a few times before, and every time we went we stayed at the Trump International Hotel, since we already felt pretty much at home every time we went. We also bumped into several friends we made during our last trip, I guess they are hooked on the casinos here, and wouldn’t blame them, I feel like every time I visit Vegas the casino we frequent somehow gives me a bit of extra cash to go around and enjoy myself, but you need to remember to quit while you are on top though.

After settling in, we decided to have some dinner as both of our appointments won’t be until the next few days. We enjoyed what the city had to offer and just spent our time relaxing, we felt we deserve it as we have been working really hard these last few months.


Consulting with My Wife’s Surgeons 

Medical office - middle-aged male doctor greeting patient, shaking hands.

The next day my wife had to go to the clinic to talk to her doctors, I decided to come with her to show my support and to keep myself losing money in the casino. I found that Las Vegas breast augmentation doctors are professional and very friendly, and the doctor were even kind enough to give my wife a good discount after finding out that his father and my uncle were close friends. We appreciated the discount and offered to treat him out to dinner as a gesture of friendship, he later brought his wife and we all got to know each other and got along well. In fact we got along so well, that I decided to invite to the NASCAR event with me, which he gladly took.



nascar-raceThere is nothing like NASCAR to start off a good friendship. The race was quite spectacular, unfortunately after a little more than an hour, my new friend had to go due to an urgent call from his clinic.

I enjoyed the whole day seeing the races and watching the whole event, but it would have been more of an awesome event had I had someone to enjoy it with me. But none the less the event was all that I had imagined it to be and I enjoyed the day anyway.


In the end

The trip overall was great, I got to watch the race, my wife was able to get work done on her, and we made two new wonderful friends that we could visit the next Las Vegas Trip.

Having Fun in Dubai and Trying Out Yacht Racing

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dubai-buildingsSo I’ve done a lot of things and have experience many fund activities and sports around the world. A few months ago I was able to join in on a triathlon in the Philippines, after having some rest and relaxation in the wonderful islands. I then went to Cambodia and went on a beautiful bike tour, which is something you should at least try once. It was during a night out in Honking that I met a few new friends that invited me to Dubai and experience all the fun the city and the desert surrounding it could offer.

The first thing I saw a brochure for was for sky diving, and since I needed something to pump the adrenaline into my system, I took a slot for the soonest one. It was amazing as the manmade islands were, I believe, made to be enjoyed from the skies, I’ve seen them in pictures before but seeing them with your own to eyes is a whole other experience.

I then got a package for an adventure in the desert, driving 4×4’s, hiking on the dunes and the mountains, and riding a up and down the mountains. All experiences that I’ve done before but felt new and exciting when done in the desert. It was actually a pleasant surprise, as I was skeptical about having fun in the middle of the lifeless desert. The best thing about the desert was camping at night, as the desert sky is just sight that you need to experience once.

Getting back to the city I was excited to do some base jumping, like the ones I saw in videos in YouTube, unfortunately those guys in the video had some sort of special permission for most of their activities so I was not able to do much except enjoy all the good thing in the city, luxuries only found in Dubai. That night I was looking at the marina, and thought to myself that the next day I will try out Yacht Racing.

yacht-racingThe next day, I had my friend made a few phone calls and found us a racing yacht to rent, and since none of us had any real experience in racing yachts we got some lessons. None of which were cheap. But the experience of just riding and learning basic things were amazing. Dubai yacht charter was wonderful, and I would do it again.

My stay in Dubai was a short one, and I didn’t really get to truly immerse myself in the world of yacht racing, so I plan to return maybe next year. But for now, I will enjoy my little adventure around the world while experiencing the sports of different cultures. Maybe if I run it not a place that could continue to train me how to handle boats and yachts for racing I will practice more, so that when I return to the beautiful city of Dubai, I would finally be able to conquer Yacht Racing at the marina.